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snapdragon908's Journal

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25 May

"In this life, there are nothing but possibilities." - Lucas, Empire Records

welcome to my little corner. instead of trying to think of something witty to say, i'm just gonna tell you this: don't expect excitement here. its really just another average journal. i'm a bit of a computer nerd, I spend way too much time in front of these damn machines rotting my brain when I should be off trying to cure diseases or something.

pros: i've been known to make people laugh and i like to think that i have a fun and outgoing demeanor. i'm pretty easy going most of the time. treat me the way you would want to be treated - i can be your best friend, or a not so pleasant enemy. :) always willing to try new things, and open-minded for the most part.

cons: a little too hard on myself sometimes, but hey, no one's perfect. my job is not exciting at all, but its easy and it pays the bills, and I enjoy (most of) my co-workers. didn't finish college, but only because I don't really know what I wanna do with my life, so its hard to stay motivated when you dont really know what direction you wanna go in. I'm sure by the time I figure it out, ill be 80 years old and on my deathbed. :P

unfortunately due to certain jackasses out there, most of my entries are locked and friends-only. but leave me a comment if you'd like to be added and we'll set up an interview and see if you qualify to be on my friends list. just kidding.
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